We have had a high demand from coaches all over the US and Canada for good players in the last few years.

For this reason, we are introducing the Total Package service.

We will provide the option to send players profiles, videos and information to all the coaches in our network to maximize your scholarship offers.

It means around 500+ coaches in average over the course of a month. It will give you another avenue to receive scholarships from coaches that are not present at our annual combines (we cannot bring 500+ coaches to our events).

Our service will be for boys and girls 15-21 years old and it will include:

  • Eligibility evaluation (to verify if you are eligible to play college soccer)
  • Highlight video evaluation (if you already have one) or we will send you to one of our partners to produce a high quality video for a fair price
  • Guide you to get all of your schools transcripts translated into English (if necessary). We work with a very good certified translator that will give you a preferred price
  • All the support you will need through the process to analyze and choose your new school (NCAA/NAIA eligibility center, choose the best scholarship offers, etc.)
  • Help you to register to the exams American schools request: SAT or ACT
  • We will send your video, schools transcripts and information to over 500 coaches and will make sure you receive the scholarship you want



Why send your video and information and still come to the combine?

By combining both services, you will have even bigger chances to receive good scholarships without having to worry about anything. We will do all the hard work for you with our expertise and contacts.


For more information about the TOTAL PACKAGE, please call or E-mail Freddy Moojen at:

Cell: + 1 514 885 2141



Fondation Bruny Surin
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Fondation Bruny Surin
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Fondation Bruny Surin
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Fondation Bruny Surin
Nature's Touch
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