In order to be accepted into an American university, you will need to follow all the steps below either before or after the Combine. We advise players interested to go play in the US do do it prior to the Combine in order to facilitate your recruitement by the American universities.

1- Register to take either the SAT or ACT exam in Montreal. Players will need to register and take ONLY one of these exams. Both exams are very similar and accepted by all the American universities. These exams will test your basic knowledge of english and maths.



2- Register to the NCAA eligibility center and/or NAIA eligibility center. NCAA and NAIA are the two college soccer leagues in the US. Because we have universities from both leagues at our Combine, we recommend players to register to both of them. It is very simple and will take only a few minutes.

NCAA eligibility center:

NAIA eligibilty center:

3- You will need to have your high school and cegep transcrips translated into English if they are currently in French. You can ask your school for a copy of your old and current transcrips. Some schools can have it translated into English for you.

4- Come to our combine with all these 3 steps completed and your chances to receive scholarships at our showcase will be even greater!


Fondation Bruny Surin
Nature's Touch
Fondation Bruny Surin
Nature's Touch
Fondation Bruny Surin
Nature's Touch
Fondation Bruny Surin
Nature's Touch
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