The RIBEIRO MOOJEN COMBINE hosts an exclusive showcase every year for boys interested to go play and study at the best soccer academy in the US located in Orlando, Florida: Montverde Academy.

This particular showcase is open for all boys from 14 to 18 years old. In the past years we have placed over 30 boys and multiple girls from Quebec at Montverde Academy. A lot of these players accepted scholarship offers to continue their careers at the NCAA 1 level after their graduation from Montverde Academy.

Mike Potempa (Director of Soccer at Montverde Academy) will be present in Montreal to recruit the players participating at our showcase.

Mike will also make a PowerPoint presentation during the showcase to explain in detail to the parents and players what is the Montverde Academy and what it has to offer to the players that choose to go play and study in Orlando, Florida.

Mike Potempa (Director of Soccer at Montverde Academy and Orlando City Academy)

Mike Potempa (Director of Soccer at Montverde Academy)


In short, Montverde Academy is a private independent private boarding high school located in Orlando, Florida. They currently have an enrollment of 1250 students ages 3 to 19 (Post Gradate) and 91 different countries represented in their student body.

They offer a comprehensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program on campus, in addition to having 365 boarding students (boys and girls) who live on their campus full-time.  Academically, they offer every Advanced Placement (AP) Course there is to offer, with a 100% graduation and college acceptance rate with many of their graduates getting admitted to their first option/choice for college and or university. They have had many students who graduate and go on to Princeton, Harvard, Duke, Yale, and Brown to name just a few.

In 2019 alone, they had 3 student athletes from our RIBEIRO-MOOJEN COMBINE in Montreal who attended Montverde Academy for 1-2 years, graduated in May 2019 and received substantial scholarships to NCAA Division I institutions.  Nathan Simeon has accepted a scholarship to the University of San Francisco, Jeremy DiLallo has accepted a scholarship to attend the University of Central Florida (UCF), and Xavier Laneuville has accepted a scholarship to attend St. Francis College.

The Soccer Institute at Montverde Academy (S.I.M.A.) was created in 2013 with only 48 players to start.  To date, they have 210 student athletes from around the world enrolled full time in their program, studying and training every day on the campus of Montverde Academy. They have placed over 300 student athletes from the S.I.M.A Program into colleges and universities around the country on soccer or academic scholarships and have developed over 35 professional players straight out of Montverde Academy after graduation.  These athletes are now playing in Major League Soccer- MLS), United Soccer Leagues (USL), Europe and Central/South America.

They have won 8 national championships in 9 years and have an overall record of 205 wins, 1 loss, and 12 draws since October 29, 2010 when Mike Potempa took over the program.

Below we have included some websites for your review:

School Website - MVA WEBSITE






Boys 14 to 18 years of age


Parc Marie-Victorin

1150 Rue marie-Victorin

St-Bruno de Montarville, Quebec



8:00-9:00: delivery of uniforms, final payments and head shots with Photographer

9:00-10:00: Montverde Academy presentation to players and parents by Mike Potempa, Director of Soccer at Montverde Academy

10:00-13:00: full games 11 vs 11


8:00: players' arrival at the facility to get ready

8:30-9:00: warm-ups on the field

9:00-12:00: full games 11 vs 11

12:00: Showcase is finished


  • For regitrations please email: ribeiromoojen@gmail.com


$200 at the time of registration online (non refundable)

$200 at the first day of the showcase

*players missing payment will not play at the showcase

*every player will play at least 45 minutes each day

*we will have a physiotherapist onsite every day during the showcase

*the $200 online registration fee is non refundable

*places are limited to 66 players


EMAIL: ribeiromoojen@gmail.com

CELL: 514-885-2141


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NCAA 1 Creighton University is confirmed to come recruit at our College Soccer combine June 3-4 in Montreal. @creightonwsoc We have a few more places for girls only. #RMCombine
Another happy client ✍🏻🤝 THE TOTAL PACKAGE SERVICE Transfer completed ✔️ We are happy to announce that the Brazilian former Creighton University offensive midfielder / forward Marcos will be joining Concordia University men’s soccer team this fall. Congrats @marcosphilipx @concordiasoccer #RMCombine #TheTotalPackage
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Montverde academy - SIMA Soccer MVA @montverde_academy Confirmed to come recruit at our college soccer combine Ribeiro-Moojen Combine June 3-4 in Montreal, Canada #RMCombine #SIMA
Par Raphaël Doucet: @lapochebleue « Tu rêves de jouer au soccer tout en poursuivant tes études à l’université? Ne rate pas ta chance de venir démontrer tes habiletés au Combine Ribeiro-Moojen, les 3 et 4 juin. L’événement, chapeauté par les anciens joueurs de l’Impact, Antonio Ribeiro et Frederico Moojen, en sera déjà une 12e édition. Depuis sa création, plus de 250 jeunes ont été recrutés par des universités ou des collèges américains et canadiens. Le Combine aura lieu au parc Marie-Victorin, à Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, sur la rive-sud de Montréal. « C’est vraiment une opportunité en or, pour les gars et les filles U-16, U-17, U-18 et U-21, de venir montrer à des recruteurs d’universités américaines et canadiennes ce dont ils ou elles sont capables, explique Ribeiro. Cela pourrait leur valoir des bourses d’études ou des invitations à des camps d’entraînement. « Je me mets aussi à la place des parents, qui ont dépensé beaucoup d’argent et investi beaucoup de temps pour que leurs jeunes jouent au soccer. De pouvoir être récompensés par une bourse d’études, c’est bon autant pour eux que pour leurs enfants », ajoute Ribeiro, qui est le directeur sportif de l’Association de soccer Montis (Saint-Bruno, Saint-Basile et Sainte-Julie). Les joueurs et joueuses de l’AS Montis ont d’ailleurs droit à un rabais de 50% sur leur inscription. Vingt-neuf universités et collèges américains et canadiens seront présents les 3 et 4 juin pour épier les gars. Du côté des filles, elles pourront se faire voir par 39 institutions! Pour vous inscrire, c’est ici: Garçons U-16 à U-21: @BoysRegistration Filles U-16 à U-21: @GirlsRegistration Pour plus de détails sur le Combine Ribeiro-Moojen: ribeiromoojen.ca «  #RMCombine
We are almost sold out! Many coaches already confirmed! Are YOU a top player? Be the next player going to the NCAA, NJCAA, USports or international academies with a big scholarship. 7 more places for boys. 13 more places for girls. Visit our website for more details www.Ribeiromoojen.ca Schools already confirmed for June 3-4: Saint Thomas University Harford Community College Mount Saint Mary’s University SUNY Fulton Montgomery Rider University Dominican University NY NEXTSTARS PRO FOOTBALL ACADEMY SPAIN McGill University University of Vermont Bishop's University UQTR McGill University John Jay College Florida Gulf Coast (FGCU) Rhodes College MUW Tarleton State University Alfred University Barton Community College Keyano college University of Lethbridge UNC Pembroke Niagara University Cape Breton University Louisiana Tech University St. Bonaventure University Fordham University UQAM Graceland University Concordia Uiniversity Olds College UQAM #RMCombine #showcase #combine #montreal
Another happy customer going to the NCAA 1 🇺🇸⚽️ The Total Package Service 🫡 PLSQ star player Saad Chaouki accepted a scholarship offer to play and study at Rider University starting this fall. Congrats Saad. @ridermenssoccer @sdc_ft Art by: @kubik_agencia #RMCombine #TheTotalPackage #montreal #ncaa1 #placement #scholarships
Another happy client commits in the NCAA 1. Jane Brooks (Vancouver) will be joining the NCAA 1 side @maristwomenssoccer in 2024. Congrats Jane. We are super happy for you. #RMCombine #TheTotalPackage #mtl #marist #ncaa1 #placement
Another TOTAL PACKAGE SERVICE happy customer 🤝✔️🫡 We are super excited to announce that the crafty winger @imoceane_ accepted her offer to play and study at @bartonwsoc this fall. Please help us wish Oceane best of luck this fall. #RMCombine #TheTotalPackage
Happy Client 🤝 THE TOTAL PACKAGE SERVICE 🫡 Anthony Cruz is going to play and study at @ecccsoccer starting this fall. Congrats @anthony.cruz05 #RMCombine #TheTotalPackage Art by: @kubik_agencia
Nextstars Pro Football Academy 🇪🇸 will be at our event June 3-4 recruiting boys and girls to go to Spain as early as July 2023. #RMCombine #spain #academy #pro
UNIVERSITIES ALREADY CONFIRMED 2023 🤝⚽️🇨🇦🇺🇸 Did you register for this event yet? Come play in front of all of these coaches 👇 1-Fordham University 2-St. Bonaventure University 3-Mount Saint Mary’s University 4-University of Vermont 5-Niagara University 6-Louisiana Tech University 7-Rider University 8-Tarleton State University 9-Florida Gulf Coast (FGCU) 10-Saint Thomas University 11-Dominican University NY 12-University of North Carolina Pembroke 13-Rhodes College 14-MUW 15-Alfred University 16-University of Lethbridge 17-McGill University 18-Bishop's University 19-UQTR 20-UQAM 21-Cape Breton University 22- Concordia University 23-Keyano college 24-Salem Community College 25-Harford Community College 26-SUNY Fulton Montgomery 27-John Jay College 28-Barton Community College 29- Nextstars Pro Football Academy Spain #RMCombine #montreal
Do t miss the 2023 edition. RIBEIRO-MOOJEN COLLEGE SOCCER COMBINE #RMCombine #Montreal #showcase
June 3-4 in Montreal. Do not miss this opportunity #RMCombine
Another commitment using our service: THE TOTAL PACKAGE Congratulations to @tal_oupss for his commitment to play and study at @sterlingmenssoccer #RMCombine #TheTotalPackage
Girls! Scout from Spain will be present at our June 3-4 combine to look for top talent for Europe. If Europe is your goal, this is a good opportunity for you. And you will be seen by several NCAA, NJCAA and USports coaches too. Why not? June 3-4 in Montreal. Places are limited! RIBEIRO MOOJEN COLLEGE SOCCER COMBINE. Places are limited. Inbox for more details. #RMCombine #montreal #combine #showcase
Official visit today for two NCAA 1 transfer students at @concordiasoccer Good luck in your visit @jacob_green03 @marcosphilipx #RMCombine #TheTotalPackage #Stingers #concordia
Another happy customer using our TOTAL PACKAGE service accepts a scholarship offer in the 🇺🇸⚽️ Please help us congratulate the talented and polyvalent defender Younes on his commitment to Graceland University in Iowa. @younes_agn @gu_menssoccer @gracelanduniversity Art from: @kubik_agencia #RMCombine #Montreal
LA TECH - NCAA 1 ⚽️ CONFIRMED to come recruit at our college soccer combine this June ⚽️ Did you register yet? Only 12 more places available for boys and girls! Some of the other schools confirmed: Portland - NCAA 1 Rider - NCAA 1 Columbia - NCAA 1 Niagara - NCAA 1 FGCU - NCAA 1 FORDHAM - NCAA 1 UNCP - NCAA 2 McGill , UQAM, Concordia, Bishop, Cape Breton, UQTR - USPORTS and many more….. #RMCombine #2023 Picture from @latechsoccer instagram
Another happy customer ✍🏻 Yannick attended our college soccer combine in 2022 and accepted a scholarship offer to join @gu_menssoccer this fall. Please help us to congratulate @yannick.tsafack #RMCombine #NAIA #Scholarship
@rmpus GK Olivier Thérien was visiting today the prestigious NCAA 1 in Boston Northeastern University @gonuathletics Northeastern saw Olivier at the @ribeiromoojen teams showcase this past January in Montreal. Good job @oliviertherien1919 #RMPUS #RMCombine #NEU #northeasternuniversity
Girls! The 7th best university in the WORLD is confirmed to come recruit at our 2023 RIBEIRO MOOJEN COLLEGE SOCCER COMBINE in Montreal June 3-4. NCAA 1 Columbia University - Ivy League. @culionswsoc @columbia If you did not register yet to our combine please visit our website www.Ribeiromoojen.ca and register today. #RMCombine #columbia

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