Moojen and Ribeiro bring their soccer combine back to Pierrefonds

Freedy Moojen and Antonio Ribeiro.

Former Impact players Freddy Moojen and Antonio Ribeiro are presently gearing up for their seventh annual College Soccer Combine. It will take place over the course of two weekends, May 26 and 27 (for males) and June 2 and 3 (for females), at Grier Park in Pierrefonds, offering elite male and female players the opportunity to walk away with lucrative scholarship opportunities.

Ribeiro, 37, is a native of Montreal North who currently resides in Lachine. He spent 10 years as a midfielder for the Impact, retiring in 2011. Moojen, 35, was born in Brazil. While he was only a member of the Impact for the 2007 season, he met the woman who would become his bride here and eventually settled in St. Léonard. In 2012 Moojen proposed the College Combine idea to Ribeiro. The plan was to bring in coaches from American and Canadian universities seeking good soccer players, both males and females.

Last year there were 24 universities represented and 136 participants; 28 girls and 30 boys received scholarship offers to study and play in the US. “This year we already have 30 universities confirmed,” said Ribeiro, noting that soccer players aged 15 to 21 who sign up must be excellent players with good grades in school.

It is not too late to sign up. Log on to

Source: The Suburban


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